About Me

Introducing the cast...
This is Me! Miss Rebecca
I am currently 21, but since I was little I have always felt so much older than my age. My parents always talk about how when I was little, I would steal coffee, and hold conversations with adults. I am pretty shy and reserved at first, but once you get to know me, I am a big HAM!

I am an artist by hobby, but not defined by it. Usually I keep my art to myself. Although the past couple years, with the help of my loving parents, I have gotten a few local showings at small galleries. They always push me to strive for more, and for that I love them so.

I have been fortunate the past year to have an amazing job. Working for my city, with their Day Care Program for the schools. I can't say I love every day, as working with children is a challenge, but I love what I do, and the kids I work with. It is so rewarding! This year I am super lucky to get a position assisting with a preschool class! I love those little snot noses!

This is Mr.
He is Internet fame shy. He would rather just remain anonymous in my daily rants. I can't blame him, what if I say something bad! Then the whole world would know he didn't do the dishes! (Omg) All the same I love him very much. He is a 8th Grade Algebra Teacher, and very successful. He is too logical and plans and saves too much! Of course we balance each other out just fine.

This is Mom
She is wonderfully fabulous, isn't she! She blogs too! Ruby's Musings.  She is my partner in Crime, My best friend and my co pilot in many daily schemes! At times we drive each other bonkers, but that's Family! Without the support of my parents, I would give up on many dreams and pursuits. Thank you for everything!

This is Little One

The youngest of three girls, and too adorably cute for her own good. My twin (even though 3 years apart) and for several years, we did everything together. Now she is all grown up and moving on with her life! I Still see her as my little baby sister and I am probably more protective over her than I should be!

Honorable Mentions...
Dad and Chanda (older sister). Will add more later. I guess if I ever mention them! Dad works hard, too hard! I love the days we spend together, and growing up the time spent with him was so special! He is my biggest supporter.
Chanda is 2000 miles away in Texas. I worry about her everyday!