Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Driving around aimlessly

After work today, I stopped by Mom's place. Hung out for a little bit, and then was on my way. Way to where, I do not know.

I thought I knew, but I was wrong. I got in the car and was driving. I don't think I've ever driven, without purpose. I must of been in some kind of clouded funk. I thought maybe I will go here... As I pass it I think maybe not. I don't really want to get out of the car and park.

Then I think maybe I will go to target, pass by and think 'I don't really want to spend money right now' so I keep driving. Soon I am just driving, really going 3-4 miles out of my way just because I am too stubborn to go home.

Mr. is not due home for another 4 hours. I do not want to start packing, I am not motivated to do housework. So instead I am driving around, and when I see the indicator get closer to E, I am so unmotivated to get out of the car, I am forced to just drive home without getting gas.

It was the strangest feeling. I really wanted to go do something, yet did not want to spend a dime. Did not want to drive around but did not want to be home. Maybe it's the state of home limbo I am in. Calling this place I am in now home, and soon calling another.

All that aside I did come home and finally had to do something with all my nervous energy. So I plopped down at the computer and did something I have not done in way too long.

Art. And thus a finished painting. I really want the weather to cool back down so me and mom can go on walks, else I see many more pointless drives in my near future.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

I used to do that often. I too have been wanting to go places, do something, but dunno what. Our daycations seem repetitive and so boring, and I am so tired of being on such a tight budget that on these days out what we do is so restricted that it takes the fun out of them. Between that and my health I am in a total funk and not able to push through it. SIGH

They say cooler weather will begin Sunday :o)

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said... [Reply to comment]

I call that just Being out of sorts...whatever that means.

Good for you for figuring out that doing your art is a great outlet. It seems to help to tap into your creative side...

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