Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miss Becca Turns 87

It feels strange, this familiar screen, talking to myself. It has been way too long, and it feels foreign again. Once you skip a post, you tell yourself you'll get back to it. Slowly it just becomes habit not to. It feels like a cop out to say life got busy, isn't everyone around this time of year?

The last time I posted, and took my long hiatus, we (Mr. and I) were on a mission to find a place to live. We found a house, went through escrow and now we are comfortably settled into our new place. A cozy 1200 sq ft place, finally to call our own. It has its charms, its spacious covered patio and yard, and has its downs. Like any homeowner knows, your list of to-dos never end. From replacing the pumps in the toilet to pest maintenance. We are tackling the challenges together, cutting back on random unnecessary things, knowing our money is in a better investment now.

Just a week or so after we finished moving in, I had my 22nd birthday. Nothing to really throw a grandeur party over. The morning of, at school, I got to wear a pink tiara and had all the kids sing happy birthday to me.

We let the kids guess how old they thought I was turning. The first guess was 10, so I told them a little higher. So all together the kids knew... 87, they shouted and all agreed, that was the right age. Even when their parents picked them up, the kids were so excited to tell their parents that today was my 87th birthday, which then brought on many 'it doesn't show' and 'you hide it well' jokes.

Mr. asked me if I feel old now. At first I said that I did not feel any older, for a couple years now I have felt the same after every birthday. The more I think about it, the more I really do. I am finally breaking free of that 'young' age group, we have a house. And as Mr. likes to point out, we now have a Costco card, thus we are officially middle class. Not quite yet though, when we finally have a mini van sitting in the drive way, that's when we know we made it.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

I expect a jaunt to Costco for samples from time to time then LOL

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