Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too Competitive?

Ever since I was little, I have been super competitive at whatever it is I do. Unless I chose to not care, and chose not to be (but that's different). I'm mostly talking about games.

I love playing games, board or card, I love it. The problem is there is no one to play with. Why? You ask, because I went and dug myself a game playing grave. Instead of playing games for the fun, I love to play... To win! What is the point of a game, if not to win?

Well sure you can play to 'have fun', 'together-ness'

At least growing up that was my mind set. I would try to win every game I played. I would be as cut throat as I needed to be, of course I never cheated, I just knew how to win. If I was not winning, that was a problem. I don't even want to go into our seldom Monopoly games that did not end in 'happy family time together'.

Soon enough, no one would want to play with me. Although I am not the only one (which makes me being the winner more difficult) I know some others- not naming names dad- who are as well, which just fuels the fire.

Now that I am older, I can appreciate playing a game and NOT having to win.. *cough lie * Well mostly just with kids, I can turn it off and not win.

So now when I want to play a game with Mr. he does not want to play, or blames me of being too competitive. So I am trying to learn to not be, in a way. Although he is just as I am, in some ways. I remember the first time we played battleship together, HE CHEATED. Yes I am calling him out, and still do to this day. Not to mention he will lose on purpose, just so I win. Where is the fun in that?

So the moral to my ramble, I need to cool it, and I am working on it! really... until the next game of Uno then its all out the door.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

you have to get over it and just win. It teaches others how to lose as you did when we played. Dad

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said... [Reply to comment]

I grew up with a Dad that NEVER let me win. Now I'm married to a guy that enjoys beating a five-year-old at whatever he can. It's all a big cycle.

I'm competitive against my husband, but I can cool it with my daughter. It's all about learning to control your powers! :)

I love that your Dad has taken on the responsibility of teaching the world to lose. You go Dad!

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said... [Reply to comment]

People like you (and my husband) are why I don't like to play board games. Or card games. And certainly never, EVER Scrabble.

No, I'm not bitter or anything...

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Nah, I'm totally the same, maybe that's why people never want to play with me..?

I love the illustration btw - the expression on that little girl's face is priceless!

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