Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daddy Long Legs, Bugs and stuff.

What are your thoughts on spiders? Scary, creepy, usually I just leave them alone unless they are in the house. I always feel bad when I take the life of a spider. Usually just minding their own business. Trying to survive in this harsh world, just like we are. Even with these feelings, there comes a time where I am just too creeped out to let them live.

A while back we had an ant infestation, a yucky problem that kept coming back. We battled it out, as they attacked food sources, our closets and even our bathroom. When there are ants, undoubtedly there will be spiders to eat them. Soon there were daddy long legs hanging out in the corners of the bathroom. Daddies have never really bothered me, with no harm to me and really they don't skitter around or jump around. They were eating the ants, and the ants bothered me way more, so I let it live. I greeted it whenever I went into the bathroom, thanked it for its services as Ant Killer. Although soon enough it grew and grew and was HUGE! Okay too creepy. I had to ask Mr. to 'remove it'. I felt as if I was murdering a pet or a friend.

From then on, I've had a no spider tolerance. Of course the creepy furry ones must go, and the small ones that scurry around Must go, and my poor daddy long legs must go. I will respect their right to live and thrive as long as they don't come within the house. Just the other day there was one hiding in a mixing bowl in the cabinet. I about lost it when It tried to scramble up the slippery slides as I grabbed the bowl. Mr. had to 'remove' that one too.

There are things I don't feel bad about, ants being a big one, pincher bugs are my least favorite of all and moths! I really don't like movies that are made to make us feel bad about removing them from our homes. Or give them personalities and lives, so that we are killing little people. It really does not help, especially if they are invading your home. Are you suppose to let them live?

Thankfully after taking good care to spray the house several times over my battle with such creatures is low to none.

How do you react to bugs and little creatures. Do you kill them cold blooded, feel remorse or freak out and force someone else to do 'the duty'?


The Empress said... [Reply to comment]

ha! We love bugs in our house..just kidding.

Ants drive me nuts. We had our base of the house professionally sprayed 7 years ago, and have had zero since. It's been great.

North of 25A said... [Reply to comment]

Ewwww! Not a big fan of bugs, and I definately do not believe in the kind of Karma that says you could be a reincarnated bug (although I don't enjoy killing them; that would just be wierd). What is really making me a little crazy is this whole bed bug thing that is all over the news!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

You KNOW how I feel about bugs off all types, unless they are my tattoos, then the more the merrier LOL

Miss Rebecca @ Almost DIY said... [Reply to comment]

@North of 25A

Bed Bugs? Another reason I don't watch the news. I do not think I would sleep at all if they made me that paranoid!

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said... [Reply to comment]

I always grab the spiders with a bit of tissue and take them outside. Fortunately it doesn't get hot enough here to have much of a bug problem.

I'm thinking you wouldn't much care for my husband's "dungeon." He has snakes, scorpians, various exotic roaches, tarantualas...who even knows what anymore! I just pretend that room doesn't exist! lol

(visiting from the Lady Bloggers)

Miss Rebecca @ Almost DIY said... [Reply to comment]

@Susie @ A Slice of My Life

Oh I do like snakes and I am a scorpio so I am enamoured with them. Its more so just having them in the house. Although I do want to get a snake, no one will let me!

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