Thursday, August 12, 2010

Makin' Whoopie...Pies.

Today was a good day, it seems my bad luck is gone. At work today we went Roller Skating, WOOHOO! Who else gets to go to work, hang out with a bunch of cool kids and go skating for free.. (well except everyone else who does just that..) Besides the point. It was so much fun, and I did not fall. Unlike when I went ice skating, there will be no walking weird or achy bum.

Afterwards I went to Mom's where I picked up this awesome over night bag, in blue. She got a great deal on it through ULTA, and a special they were running. I had been looking for a new over night bag for a long time (ever since little one "stole" my old one and never returned it). I was super excited to have it, its the simple things in life that matter.

We then went out just the two of us, lunch at CPK, a personal favorite. Sipped ice teas and just talked. Walked around the local outdoor shopping center 'The Fountains'. It was such a beautiful mild day. Seeing all to be seen there, we decided to hop across the street to the mall. Crate & Barrel was calling my name. I love that store, and everything in it. I just walk around with my jaw dropped, cooing over plates and napkins (weird I know, remember.. simple things). As I was walking by I spotted this baking pan that was like a muffin pan, but really shallow. WOOPIE PAN!? I must know more. Just the name was calling out to me, not to mention the delicious looking treat that was on the wrapping.

Placed next to the pan and mix was this adorable book.

By Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell

This was an O.M.G. moment. Just browsing through the book I knew I had to take it home and make it my'n. Red Velvet, Gingerbread, Pistachio.. I think the needed to mop below me after I was done salivating! That was just the cake, even the fillings sound SO good. Maple bacon, malted butter cream, Tiramisu creme and of course classic marshmallow. Are you hungry yet?

Somehow I had managed to save some money on a C&B gift card all the way from Christmas (that's a whole 'nother story) Pan and book I payed 8.00 (with the help of the gift card of course). There are no words to express how excited I am about busting out the cooking gear and getting started. There are so many endless combinations! So.. knowing that I think I am going to start 'Makin Woopie(s)' at least once every two weeks, maybe more if time allows. I am SO sorry to those around me, who will be forced to consume all the products from the experiments.

Of course I will update and track my adventure . Unfortunately they have not invented a way for me to share the delicious smells over the Internet, so you will just have to take my word for it.

OH.. almost forgot. We spotted these adorable knitted headbands in Anthropologie.

It is my new goal ( how many more can I add to my list?) to master this skill as well. I seriously need to level up my knitting skills by winter. Lets hope I can do it!..


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

I shall have to start working out harder!! Thanks again for the lunch and the time spent with me! <3 Glad you liked the bag too! Of course I did nothing, you paid the bulk of it...and hmmm I wonder who "little one" is LOL

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