Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have never been one for superstitions. Black cats, walking under ladders, even breaking mirrors, I have never taken credit in silly notions of superstitions. Today though, may have changed my mind.

I needed to stop by the store before work. On my way in I spotted a penny, I have a habit of collecting them where ever I am and see them, every penny adds up and most people go about their business just ignoring them. Usually without a second thought, I will pick them up and stick them in my pocket. This time, I took notice of the fact that it was not face side up. Maybe I thought to much about this fact and the 'superstitions' surrounding face down pennies. BAD LUCK... although its never seemed to be bad before. I enter the store, grab a water bottle, and check out.

Right on my way out through the sliding doors, I see a man on a bike approaching fast. To be honest, his appearance was quite unruly, his shirt was off and he was biking FAST. I thought he was going to stop on the sidewalk (since clearly bikes would not be allowed into a store) so I continue in my same path through the door. As I approach the door and it is slightly opening, the man on the bike is hauling straight towards me. Right as he breached the doorway at a crazy speed, through the center of the doorway, my brain reacts and I just barely step out of the way. The man on the bike blows past me into the store, without any regard for me and the fact that I was on my way out.

BAD PENNY! I blame you. Of course the story continues. I am just so furious as to what just happened. I storm out to my car, put the key into the door. As I see the man on the bike, speed across the parking lot. I look down at my car.. wait this is Not my car. Flustered and embarrassed I walk to the next car, yes this is my own. On my way out of the shopping center, I nearly get hit by two different cars, pulling out of parking spaces. What is happening?

okay, all of this could of happened, if I picked up that penny or not. And true, nothing really bad did happen, I managed to move in time to prevent anything bad. It did get me thinking about superstitions, bad luck and how people might perceive the things that happen to them. Do you think that things happen for a reason, a higher power in play?Or that random occurrences happen and you are just there when it does?

At least with the misfortune a bad penny might bring, it will bring good fortunes to me when I spend it, and all is well and balanced in the world.


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