Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel so accomplished...

Today was a good productive day. I worked a full shift at work, came home and cleaned the whole house, and even worked on projects! Amazing, most days I can hardly accomplish one thing. I will post something tomorrow on my finished project, I mostly want to bask in the glory of my shiny floors and folded laundry.

The thing about this success, is it is so short lived. You clean, then it gets messy again, and it is a vicious circle. It seems like the laundry is never all clean and put away. One load in, another out, I really start to wonder how we go through so much clothes. We only ever cycle through the same 5 outfits, how does this giant pile accumulate?? I guess I will just group that mystery together with the mysterious missing sock.

Lately I've found, I blog better at night. It could be that's the only time I get to sit down. I've always been a night person. Staying up till 3 in the morning, I believe I think better at night. During the day I am so all over the place, there is no way I could sit down and concentrate. Any blog I've written during the day, has taken 4 hours of just trying to get it all together. Not to mention the minute I start to write, I am being called upon for something.

I can no longer stay up till 3, not even really till 11:30. Everyone, even myself, our referring to us (being me and my man) as "Old people". We eat early, we go to bed early, we even drive slow. This can't be helped, when your expected to be at work before the sun is up, it happens. That's the only thing, even after a year, I still have a hard time with. I've never been a morning person. I really enjoy sleeping, and even more if its during the day. If the sun is not up, neither am I. I do have to say, ending my work day at 12:30 is a sweet gig.


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