Monday, August 9, 2010

Easy Magic

Missed a monday post, but it was for sure a monday!
So yesterday at school, we sat all the kids down and put in a DVD of "Magic for Kids:Easy Magic Tricks" The 'teachers' of the video were exactly what you'd expect from a cheap magician and his partner. Classic shiny blue dress shirt, really not captivating at all, even the way they showed the tricks were so lack luster! Even so, the kids seemed interested, which only lasted about 10 minutes at the most. Knowing the kids were not going to fully comprehend the tricks, I paid close attention to most of the video, trying to absorb the steps as best I could. Secretly I just wanted some tricks for my own arsenal, to use for my own benefit, teaching the kids would just be extra on the side. And now I will pass them onto you, so that you may impress your friends and children.

"First Rule: Never tell anyone your secrets" (well too bad.. Im sharing right now oops)

"Second Rule: Never repeat your trick.." (well I guess if you scroll back up and read again that goes out the window!)

So the first one we learned how to do was How to "Magically" Attach two paper clips together without either of them touching.

What you will need:

1 Dollar Bill

2 Paper Clips.

First step: Take a dollar bill, and fold it into 'thirds' accordian style. *see video below for example*
Second Step: Attach one paper clip onto the top including one side of the bill and the center.
Third: Attach the second paper clip onto the top on the other end/side of the bill and the center.
Fourth and final: Slowly tug on either open end of the bill until its pulled all the way open. In completion the two paper clips will fall off and be attached.

The Second 'Magic' Trick is A String Trick. It was hard to take pictures of find a video of this one, so just read through and maybe with some help later I can get a video of it... or not.
What you will need:

1 piece of yarn or string.

Step One: Make sure your string or yarn of choice is made up of mulitple strings twisted/wound together.

Step Two: Prep to be done before you show or perform the trick for someone. Grab the string at the center. Split the string in half about 2-3 inches .

Step Three:Re twist your split sections to look like full pieces of string.

Step Four: The trick. You are now holding what looks like two pieces of string in your hand.
Ask them to hold out their hand for you. Place the string on their open palm and ask them to hold/grip it tightly in a fist.

Step five: with their fist upwards, show the two strings are at the top, and two strings at the bottom.

Step six: Grab the two ends at the bottom and lightly pull on them, dragging them back down through the fist. When you reach the end, tug harder till the string pops out as one string.

The kids really enjoyed the string trick, and even many times over, knowing how it worked they still seemed enthralled by it. Pass it on, show it off, I don't care what the "rules" are. I think it is more fun to show people how you did a trick, and have them learn to pass it on.


The Empress said... [Reply to comment] cool. When Baby E wakes up tomorrow, I'm showing him this.

He is so into magic tricks!!

Thank you for stopping over at Cool Whip. She is a fantastic person.

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