Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sore Fingers!

Work today was a little rough, the kids were naggin' on each other, she did this, he did that. I was about to pull my hair out.

Thankfully I got out at an early time today, so I decided to go out, and shop around town. My first stop was Ye' Ol' Good Will. With little one moving out, I promised her that I would keep an eye out for anything good, or worth refinishing. Of course I always have an eye out for myself as well. Giving cryptic messages to Mr. when he calls and asks what I am doing. He does not approve of any more items, none the less fixer upers, coming into the house.

I am doing my usual route, giving the 'once over' to isles. There are a couple items that might interest little one, so I send her a text. Then I see a desk chair, needing work, of course. It is mostly fine, but has seen its days and shows its age. Someone is already looking at it, sitting in it, contemplating. I hover around, pretending to be interested in other items. Aha, they are not getting it. Just curious, I look at the price.. 2.99! Okay.. I can justify this ONE purchase, I have been mentioning to Mr. for a few months now about getting a new desk chair. I always sweet talk my way out, I just have to do it one more time.

It is a rather good size, rolly wheels, large padded seat and back. Will this fit in my old corolla? I make an ocular assessment, deem it plausible and check out. Surprisingly, it fit just fine across the back seats. Although I must of looked a mess trying to get it back there.

The next destination, was going to be the mall, but now it was the fabric store. Conveniently right across the street. I always get lost in this place, rows upon rows of crafty things, shiny things. Of course I am suuuuper indecisive, I can't decide what I like or want. Then there is another issue, what will Mr. say or like? Seems silly to make that part of my process, but we always have this conversation back and forth. I like bright colors, he thinks they are tacky! We share the office together, so I had to take in mind what he would be okay with looking at everyday. I would love a bold bright print, that is fun and cheery. He would prefer plain and boring, Yuck!

An hour later, I have some supplies and a nice dark grey color. It is super soft, and should be much more comfortable than my current chair. Mr. will like it, and then we will both be happy. Now the big thing is going to be to reupholster it *dramatic music here* which I have never attempted before. Yikes!

So to get to the point of why I have sore fingers (gosh finally right...) I have spent the past 3 hours plucking staples from the underneath of the chair, and they are not always so willing to be pulled out. Slaving over the over zealous stapling, which I deem very unnecessary, trying to break this thing into pieces. So Alas here is my chair... before deconstruction. Wish me luck, and wish my poor fingers a good nights rest..

planning to paint the wood.. I am thinking teal... or some bright yellow. HA stickn' it to the man.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

I have bright yellow spray paint for the wood if you will draw a cartoon of me and Dad in a car , something cute, for the adventure posts. Blatant HINT !!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said... [Reply to comment]

It's surprising the things you can fit in a Corolla. I had an old dude poo poo my idea to put two hibiscus trees in my front seat. I thought, "just watch me old man!" They fit.

That's a nice chair. What a bargain!

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