Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things I should never do

Where do I even begin?

1. Move large furniture by myself:

I am way more ambitious than I ought to be. I look at things and tell myself "I can do that"

Well, it turns out I can.. I just shouldn't. Even when I was younger, I would take it upon myself to re-arrange my bedroom. Scooting large dressers across the floor, using the wall as a push board for leverage. To this day the same applies. You would think by now I could learn to ask for help.

Mr. went out shooting this morning, leaving me to my own devices. When the cat is gone the mice will play.. or just re-arrange the house. So I needed to move a large wing back chair from the office to the bedroom. My dad had helped get it into the house in the first place, so I had not moved this monster of a thing since. Not only is this thing wider and taller than I am, our door ways are put in obscure places with little spaces to get through.

So I make an ocular assessment of the doorway and chair, Dad got it through there, couldn't I? So I begin shoving the chair across the room, twisting and turning the chair, trying to make this thing fit. 20 minutes and several explicits later and its crossed the threshold of the first door way. If it made it out of one doorway, logically it could fit through another right?? Wrong, I am angling this thing, flipping it over (by myself) in a tiny hallway, and shoving it each direction through the doorway. Nothing. Finally I get half of the chair and and...

ITS STUCK! I push and pull and its not budging. As I try to move it, its going to scrape the door frame. Great, what do I do now? Sit and wait for Mr. to come home and show him my embarrassing mess I created for myself? Of course not, I am going to try and fix this problem on my own.. which leads to..

2. Never remove or touch or deal with anything with the house fixtures.

In a moment of brilliance I decide it is in my best interest to remove the door from the hinges, just to give me that extra inch I need to make this thing fit perfectly. Never having removed a door before, I tackle this thing from the only way I can think how. Just remove the hinges. WRONG with a capital W. I should of turned to good ol google or Mom for help, but I was determined to get this done. I get the door off, get the chair into the room. That was much easier than expected, until I have to put the door back on.

At this point its been about an hour of an ordeal, I hadn't bathed in two days, I was in my pajamas and I didn't even eat breakfast (thanks to sour milk). So I looked like a crazed maniac trying to put this thing up. Shoving wood pieces and towels under the door to prop it up. When my room mate comes home, walks by and just stares at me.

I don't even want to know what it must of looked like, a crazy mess for sure. He helps me prop it up, and screw it back in. In the end he tells me of a super easy way to remove the door pin and put it back on. Great, why didn't I think of that ( and mom made me feel it all over again when I told her) Thankfully my room mate knows I do crazy things, and it comes to be expected with me in the house.

From now on I am just going to make the men do all the heavy "man work" no more for me.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry first I do that and then Mother Smother you. Just going to keep my trap shut from now on.Something else that was in my blog about finding my IFG ...edit what I say/do.

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said... [Reply to comment]

Too funny. Eventually, though, you'll get tired of waiting for the man to actually do the "man work" (they're typically not as motivated as we women) and you'll figure it out, mess and stuck furniture be damned. :o)

Thanks for stopping by Grandma's Briefs on Saturday! I appreciate it!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said... [Reply to comment]

I've never gone so far as to take a door off, but I've wiggled a piece of furniture around for a few hours in order to move it.

Somehow it's more satisfying that turning to the big strong man.

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