Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too Good To Be True

It's late, and I am exhausted. But.. I am not going to let that stop me from making my post!

Everything seemed all good and dandy today. Went to work, things went great, off to go help Mr.'s Mom with her classroom set up (A family of teachers! ), but then on my drive there...

Okay, so not really that bad. In my world it is, my car had a warning check engine malfunction death scare things are going weird, light come on. Soon after the car was running funny, I could hardly accelerate. Of course, knowing nothing about cars, not wanting to be stranded, I start to freak out. It was 'too good to be true' that my old hoopty of a car was still running, and treating me well. This was bound to happen, it was just a matter of when.

I call Dad, He asks me to start out by popping open the hood, yeah like I do that all the time. Look for things like belts and spark plugs, It is like he is speaking in another language. No help, tells me to tow it if it wont run. Thankfully I was really close to the school, where I then could be followed home by Mr's Mom. I felt so thankful for my back up, At least I would not be on the side of the road alone!

Long story short... Oh and it could be longer. They (as in manly men who know things about things that run, as in Mr.) replace the 'Spark plugs' and other wires and "thing-a-ma bobs". And now after hours of sweating it out, biting my nails, worry warting over it, it runs. It runs better than before, I about had a heart attack of happiness.

I am just so glad someone is looking over my shoulder.


The Empress said... [Reply to comment]

Thank goodness. I never liked having car trouble when I was on my own.

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