Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Blog, Where to start?

It's always very weird to be writing to no one. First post, nothing else on the page to go by. I could just jump right into it, but I think I will start out with a little intro. So I did have a blog "Almost DIY Decor".. I say did ,I mean DO. It is a blog about my home projects, such as painting and fixing up furniture finds. That's all good, but life can get really busy sometimes for large projects and I do not always have new finds to show off.

My mom has a blog 'Ruby's Musings' , its basically her life blog. Things she does, shopping and wine tasting, and so on. I envied her freedom to post whatever it was that she was feeling or decided to talk about. With my DIY page I felt like I had pin-holed my blog. So keeping that one for when I get around to my projects I decided to start this one. Basically a home for my daily adventures, misadventures and goings-ons.

I am 21, and live with my darling man and his two friends. We all have found a way to co-exist as a family unit of our own. I work for my city and their summer/school year day care. As well as assisting in a preschool class. The inspiration for my 'title' and name. I am known to all the kids as "Miss Rebecca", or as they so kindly refer to me as "miss shorty" at times. Only being a short 5 ft nothing, a lot of the kids are close to my height or they would like to think they are.

Working with kids is really rewarding, and also very tiring. Everyday is like an episode of "Kids say the darnedest things". I usually just go over to my mom's and talk her ear off about everything going on at school. Now I can just write it all down.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week. Until then.. goodnight blog world.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

LOVING the new page thus far...and well since I talk your ear off, you are always welcome to do the same to me!

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