Friday, August 27, 2010

They grow up so fast

This evening I helped my little sister move out, into her own new space.
This is hard for me, We use to be super close, now she is just a passing shadow.
She has her own friends now, a job, a life, and soon I feel I will not be a part of it.
So of course I took time to help her, hang her clothes, organize her belongings.
My baby sister, all grown up, a woman ready to set out and make things work.
I am so proud of her, and so worried. I can't imagine how mom feels.
Good luck little one!

In lighter (or heavy) news I am pretty sure I ripped off starbucks today. Lately I've been brewing my own, and I am not fond of the prices or taste of (S). For some reason today I had a hankerin' for a Tea Latte, something I would not make at home.
So I go in, I never know "the language" "the lingo" The how to of ordering. So they ask while in line "what can I get started for you" I ask for my latte.
Then, when I get up to the register, I have a yogurt and tell them I got the earl grey...
She rings it up, I pay with a GC and everythings all good. Till I walk away to wait for my drink and think...
Wait a sec, a yogurt and a VENTI latte for THAT price. I totally didn't even think about it when she rang me up.
I sheepishly (and nervously) wait for my drink, and walk out feeling like a criminal. Should I of mentioned she only charged me for a 'normal tea' and not a 'latte tea'. I am too honest of a person to walk away.
and sadly I DID! If someone gives me the wrong change, I will tell them and give it back.
But a couple dollars can't hurt right?? Will I hear about this in the end, reading from the book of my sins...


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

I think you can rest easy, just do something kind for someone and rebuild the good Karma....wait you did that, you helped your little sister.

OH by the way, you know what I notice about the photo...look at the creation of the book ends....both sisters doing something totally alike, and then you off to the side!

OH, Mom is dealing, feeling blue, wishes for shop therapy and also in desperate need of something to ease the bug bites I have from helping to load boxes, these are some of the worse I have ever had...kept me up all night!!

ZippyChix said... [Reply to comment]

Dropped my oldest at college today. Oh how the time has flown. Glad that she is going to have a blast at college, but a little wistful that she will not be part of my daily life anymore. Difficult but extraordinary day today! Stopping by from the tea the pic!

chanda said... [Reply to comment]

woot bookends

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