Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today was a lazy day. So far I have not accomplished anything of substance, nor have I worked on the projects I promised myself to finish. Hurrah for me. I spent a lot of the day browsing the blogisphere, wanting to eat but not knowing what, and watching old Star Trek Episodes. Nothing wrong with any of those things, but not productive in any way.

A while back Mr. and I watched all the old Star Trek movies, with Kirk and Spock. Although I never thought I would enjoy them, and never took the time to see if I would, I strangely found myself drawn to wanting to watch more of them. I still don't understand the draw of the show or why I continue to watch them but I am intrigued. So we moved on to the "Next Generation" Episodes. Now we usually watch an episode or two everyday. It seems to be our 'together time'. What lovely bonding time we have together watching Star Trek *sarcasm??*. Even though we keep watching them, I hardly like any of the characters , for they all have their flaws and some maybe redeeming qualities. I guess that is what I like about the show, watching the dynamics of the characters and disliking them at the same time.

Riker, the first officer, total man whore, he just jumps on anything that moves. Troi, the counselor just 'feels' things all the time and never tells anyone. She just runs off to her room and later in the show reveals that something (Which ends up helping solve the problem) has been bothering her the whole time. We however do enjoy Data, a relief from the 'Human' characters and their silly personality types. Or Worf, he always warns of danger or that they should react, but no one ever listens to him and he ends up being right. I do not think he gets enough credit.

I guess I have gotten more into the show than I realized. Funny how when you really like a show, how deeply you are concerned about the characters and what comes of them. I guess that is a sign of good writing. Usually the shows I love to watch get canceled after a few seasons or never last past their first. Its nice to know how many more seasons there are to watch before they all run out, and the ease of watching them all on DVD cant be beat.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be more going on so I have things to talk about, and not my secret (not so secret now) Nerdy habits. "Live long and prosper."


Kendra said... [Reply to comment]

I always enjoyed Deep Space Nine more than any of the other ST shows...

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