Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Pro at Super Spills

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* That's the awful sound of an alarm going off at 6 in the morning. I climb out of bed and go through the movements of getting ready like a robot. It's a rough morning, so usually the only thing to wake me from my walking slumber is a nice hot cup of coffee. No time to brew at home, I stop off at the closest supermarket on the way to work. I grab a cup and fill it with delicious smelling, piping hot coffee. MMmm I am almost awake...
or not. Right as I go to grab the full cup, my hands seem to have stopped working, missing a grab altogether and knocked the whole thing over. Reacting as soon as I can from a sleepy daze, I grab the cup. Too late, already all spilled down the front of the counter and onto the floor. "Great!" what a wonderful way to start your morning. Of course I am not alone at the coffee counter, there is a man waiting next to me. He looks over with embarrassment and walks away.

Wait? Did you not want coffee too? It is strange to me that someone is so embarrassed for me. I in fact was not. Spills are such a common occurrence around children that I matter of fact just grabbed a couple napkins and cleaned it up. With perfect trained precision wiped up the spilled cup in one careful swoop, and then used the same napkins to wipe it off the floor. In a matter of seconds it was like it never happened. With all the juice boxes busted, paint water tipped over and water bottles exploding , you quickly learn the skill of spill cleaning.

I filled my cup back up, grabbed my croissant and checked out to leave. As I left I wondered if the man had simply gone to get help, and upon his return found it to not have happened. Or if he simply went without his coffee. The rest of my day went great once the caffeine kicked in, I surely feel for him if his did not.

Oh A funny bit I forgot to add. Don't tell Mr. But the kids today at school were trying to tell the universe to make me have triplets. Oh boy lets hope Universe didn't get the memo on that one.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... [Reply to comment]

Wow ! That would be like getting all my grandbabies at once ..but yeah, probably not a great idea since I do not think I can handle three babies at once LOL..and since I am to be the baby sitter... Oh and is your hungry all you have to say about such a beautiful place?? Hurumph LOL

Miss Rebecca @ Almost DIY said... [Reply to comment]

I know ,I was trying to send the mojo back!

lol I guess I was just really hungry at the time of the post. But it was really beautiful! Not as pretty as the mines though. I thought their gardens were just fab.. oh they do weddings too ;)

North of 25A said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, visitng from SITS. I need my coffee before I leave the house or I cannot leave the house - LOL!

Miss Rebecca @ Almost DIY said... [Reply to comment]

@North of 25A

That would be very dangerous without the time to do so! Although I guess it already proved so for me. Good thing spilled coffee was the worst of it!

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