Sunday, August 22, 2010

How could I ignore you?

One night missed, daily adventures not recorded.
Second night missed, now becoming easier to ignore the computer.
I really did mean to write, and I do have some good excuses!

So this weekend I have been a very busy little bee. I finally finished painting this for Mom...

A lovely shade, It turned out really nicely. Even Mr. Complimented how it looked. (and remember he thinks 'colors' are tacky) so I was surprised. +1 for me.

On top of that, I got the chair stripped all the way down to it's birthday suit.
(censored for all the kiddies out there.)

I was now ready to try, and reupholster this bad boy. My first attempt ever at this sort of thing. I had everything I needed, except a staple gun. I was going to buy one, but Dad offered to let me use his, awesome. Save some money where ever I can. This thing is like a gun, "KaBlammy!" (thats the technical sound)

I will spare you the boring part, putting it all back together. It is not perfect, and I had some troubles along the way (ie. the arms breaking ) all in all I am very happy with the way it turned out. Its squishy too!
I added some details to the back, maybe the shiny will distract people away from my craftsmanship.

Now I don't have an excuse not to blog.

Wish I had time to get to Whoopie Pies, Maybe later this week.
Hope everyone had a productive weekend. I did so much, I am tuckered out, SO not ready for the work week!


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